Efficient Communications

We use the best commercial and cloud technologies, together with Social Networks, customer databases (CRM), shopping carts (eCommerce) or legacy systems so that you achieve more sales, more loyalty, more efficiency and benefits for your company and Your clients.

Voice VI-Agent

Agile and effective communications with your clients.

  Automated Call Attention

Serve your customers over the phone with voice commands and responses.

  The best way to reach customers

Voice Vi-Agent always trumps any other medium to reach customers due to the natural way of communication.

  Improve service quality

Intelligent voice assistants improve customer service.

  Automation is what consumers prefer

41% of consumers prefer a voice assistant over a website or app.

  Here an example...

Chat VI-Agent

Artificial Intelligence solutions motivate us.

  Customer Service Automation

Automate Customer Service with Live-Chat that we set up in just a few days.

  Automatic Messages

Report the current status of your customer's purchase at any time of the day.

  Live Chats

Centralize your clients' Chats in a single tray. Agents can receive messages depending on the service they provide.

Voice VI-Agent

Make the conversation with the client a fluid and pleasant experience, welcoming, with concrete answers and closing in a warm manner.

Chat VI-Agent

Chats with your clients centralized and attended by BOTs or Agents. Connected to channels such as WhatsApp®, CRM/ERP/eCommerce/PBX and many more.

Optimal customer communications

The solution for your company to have optimal communications with your customers

  • We deliver the configured and operational solution in a few days.
  • APIs that allow integrations with CRM, eCommerce, ERP or required software.
  • We use cutting-edge Speech to Text, Text to Speech, Natural Language and Sentiment Detection technologies.

About us

Cutting-edge IT experts.

We are a company motivated to provide Artificial Intelligence services and accompany entrepreneurs and companies, helping them with configuration, training and support, without exaggerated license charges.

We continually improve systems with cutting-edge technologies. In addition, we give the importance it deserves to automation, software, IT security, connectivity, hardware sizing, data center availability and much more. We do all this to deliver cost-efficient and useful services for entrepreneurs and companies.

We have gone beyond the expectations of our clients, providing them with cutting-edge technology, easy to use, reliable, with data integrity and in general, helping to improve company processes. Additionally, we advise you, recommending disaster recovery policies to guarantee the continuity of your business.